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What kind of fabric is used for school backpack customization

What kind of fabric is used for student backpack customization

Customers often ask the factory what kind of fabric is more suitable for customizing student backpacks. Here are some suggestions on the selection of fabrics for reference! For custom-made schoolbags for students, factories generally use polyester, nylon, and leather as the main fabrics. A schoolbag is made of one or two kinds of fabrics, such as nylon and polyester, the main fabric is nylon, and polyester is used as the auxiliary fabric. The choice of school bag material mainly considers the cost of the fabric, environmental performance and durability.

1 Cost of fabric Different varieties of fabrics have price differences,

but considering the lightness, durability, environmental performance and other factors of the fabrics, the most cost-effective fabrics are nylon, polyester and other fabrics. For nylon, polyester and other fabrics, as for which material to choose, it depends on the customization needs and budget of the customized schoolbag.

2. The fabric material is environmentally friendly

Schoolbag fabrics are divided into environmental protection and non-environmental protection, and non-environmental protection fabrics are often prone to excessive harmful substances such as formaldehyde and harmful aromatic amine dyes. If it is made into a schoolbag product, it is often prone to unpleasant and irritating odor, and it may cause dizziness, vertigo and other symptoms after smelling it for a long time. Students' long-term exposure to schoolbags made of inferior fabrics may have an impact on their health. Therefore, for the sake of students' health, no matter which fabric is chosen, the environmental performance of the fabric is crucial, and polyester, nylon, leather and other fabrics have corresponding environmental protection categories. Of course, environmentally friendly fabrics are better than non-environmentally friendly fabrics The price is slightly higher, which can be selected according to customized needs.

3. Durable performance of the fabric

1) Nylon fabric Nylon has the characteristics of good toughness, wear resistance, scratch resistance, tensile and compressive properties, strong corrosion resistance, light weight, easy dyeing, easy cleaning, soft and comfortable hand feeling, etc. When making school bags, the finished school bags are relatively light and resistant to manufacturing. Durable.

2) Polyester fabric Polyester has the characteristics of strong durability, good elasticity, good wrinkle resistance and shape retention, not easy to deform, not easy to fade, good light resistance, easy to wash and dry, and not easy to stick to hair. The strong wear resistance is very good.

3)Leather fabric Leather is divided into natural leather and artificial leather. Natural leather resources are scarce and expensive, so they are not suitable for mass production and customization. However, artificial leather is not as strong and wear-resistant as cloth fabrics, it is more afraid of scratches, has poor wear resistance, and the fabric has a relatively large self-weight. It is used for custom-made school bags. The finished school bag is too heavy and not durable, so it is not recommended to be used. fabric. There are quite a few designers who use leather for the bottom of their backpacks, which are waterproof and easy to clean up!

The above are some points to pay attention to when choosing a customized schoolbag. It is estimated that everyone has a certain understanding. If you need a customized backpack, please contact us. We will have a dedicated designer to recommend the most suitable fabrics according to the buyer's needs and backpack structure!


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