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Overview of the production process of backpack

The production of backpacks has a unique process and a process that cannot be modified at will. Each process in the production process will affect the quality of the backpack. In general, the production of backpacks requires various processes such as material selection, proofing, sample preparation, material preparation, mold opening, material cutting, material printing, sewing, and packaging. A backpack is usually assembled by tens or even hundreds of parts, and the complexity of its production is self-evident.

Sewing is the most important part of the production of backpacks, which directly affects the quality of the entire backpack. The sewing seam is divided into sewing front piece, sewing seam, sewing lining, filling sewing, sewing side pocket, sewing parts, assembly parts, mounting head, sewing back piece, high car assembly bag Etc. Every process is very important. Specially designed backpacks even need to use some special techniques, such as skinning, compounding, oil edge, glue, rivets, pumping, spraying, etc. In order to make high-quality backpacks, each process must be strictly controlled.


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