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Can the emergency kit bag be customized without a sample ?

For the case where the customer does not have a sample package, it can be divided into the following two cases:
1. The customer does not have a sample package, but has its own design capabilities

Some customers who have design capabilities can provide their own design drawings directly to the manufacturer without the manufacturer's design. The manufacturer can proof the design according to the design drawing. After the model customer confirms, it can be customized for mass production.

2. The customer has no sample package and no design ability
This situation is a bit worse. Customers generally can only describe the general needs to manufacturers, and repeatedly emphasize the key directions of their needs. This time not only tested the ability of luggage manufacturers, but also a test for the salesman of luggage manufacturers. As a salesperson, you must not only understand marketing and sales, but also must understand the toolkit customization process, process and other knowledge and experience in order to smoothly communicate with customers. In the case where the customer only needs nothing else, the next necessary step is to require the customer to prepare a set of products or product shells and send them to the luggage manufacturer for versioning for testing. All conditions are available for the layout room to prepare, publish, open, sew and other procedures. A few days later, the preliminary sample package is completed and confirmed to the customer.


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