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What to pay attention to when ordering a school bag

When buyer order the backpack what's point need to be carefully?

Answer as following:

1.Suitable size is very important

Elementary school students have a lot of books and stationery, so small-capacity schoolbags are definitely not considered, but you can't blindly choose large-capacity schoolbags regardless of students' height and body shape. In order to give students a better carrying experience and protect their carrying health.

school backpack school backpack brand school backpack boy school backpack germany school backpack singapore school backpack weight school backpack hk school backpack ebay school backpack black school backpack wholesale2. The schoolbag fabric should be safe and durable .

Generally  school backpack choose Polyester/ Oxford. Nylon material.

The schoolbag is something that children use every day, so its materials also need to be paid attention to. One is that the material needs to be safe and has no peculiar smell. Unqualified fabric materials will release some toxic and harmful substances, which will affect the health of children for a long time. . In addition, the material of the schoolbag should be wear-resistant and portable. If the material of the bag is not durable, it may break quickly.
3. The schoolbag should be light, protect the spine and reduce the burden

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