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Is the effect of custom printed logo embroidery on school backpack good?

The logo embroidery process is actually the traditional stitch embroidery pattern changed to the modern machine embroidery pattern. This method is suitable for various fabric products. It should be the modern technology closest to the ancient craftsmanship, but the working method is changed manually. Become a machine. The embroidered logo is very delicate and has a strong three-dimensional effect. The appearance is round, the color is bright, the surface is smooth, and it is particularly beautiful. It is a relatively high-end production process, and its price is relatively high.

The embroidery process uses silk threads to woven into a certain pattern by a machine. Compared with logo processes such as silk screen printing, hardware laser, and hardware mold opening, the logo made by the silk screen process is not resistant to washing. If you wash it several times, it may fade. Or the pattern is dropped. For hardware laser or hardware mold opening logo, hardware accessories must be used. If you do not pay attention to hardware accessories during use, they will be easily scratched. The embroidery process uses embroidery thread to print the logo, which is more durable. There is no need to worry about the schoolbag pattern being washed off during the washing process. Even if the use time is a little longer, the embroidery logo style will not change, and the effect will be durable. very good. In addition, the embroidery craft does not have to worry that students will be accidentally injured by hardware logo accessories when they use schoolbags daily. Therefore, it is still very good to choose embroidery technology for custom printed logo on student schoolbags.


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