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What should I pay attention to when cleaning school backpack ?

During the summer vacation, most parents will take time to clean the schoolbags. After all, after a semester, the schoolbags should be well washed to welcome the next semester. Nowadays, the bags that parents buy for their children are not cheap. If the method is improper during the washing process, it may cause the damage of the bag to be used. Then, the bag is cleaned, do you know what to pay attention to?

1, the choice of school bag cleaning method

At present, most school backpack in the market have been added into the forming process during the production process, so that the bag is fixed into a certain shape, so that it is beautiful and practical. Therefore, it is recommended to wash the hand when washing, machine washing, extrusion of the washing machine, etc. Causes the deformation of the bag, which in turn affects the use of the bag. If the bag is pure cloth material and there is no forming process, you can also choose machine washing. Of course, the specific washing method is still a suggestion.

2, school bag cleaning precautions

Soak the bag in water before cleaning (water temperature is below 30 °C, soaking time is suitable for ten minutes), so that the water can penetrate into the fiber and remove the water-soluble dirt first, so that the bag can reduce the dosage of the lotion when cleaning. Better washing results. When the bag is cleaned, some slight fading is normal. Please wash the dark fabric separately to avoid contaminating other clothes. Do not use detergents containing (bleach, fluoresce, phosphor, etc.) to avoid damage to the material of the bag and make the fabric of the bag crisp. And shorten the service life. When washing, you can not use the brush to force the brush, so as not to cause the pattern of the bag to be damaged, affecting the appearance, and gently scrub. If it is a leather bag, just wipe it with a wet towel and do not wash it.

3, the bag drying instructions

After the bag is cleaned, it can't be wrung out, or the washing machine can be dried, so as not to cause the bag to be deformed. After the bag is cleaned, the hand can be used to dry the water, and then placed in a cool and ventilated place to be naturally air-dried, so as not to cause the book to fade.

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