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What protection work should be done when traveling?

Feng Luzhao, a researcher at the Chinese Center for Disease Control, answered this question. Feng Luzhao pointed out that for most areas where there is no recent case report, it is relatively safe to travel, but there are still new overseas imported cases or local cases every day. We must be vigilant and be aware of the risk of new coronary pneumonia. Some senior citizens, patients with chronic diseases and pregnant women are not recommended to travel.

Regarding the prevention of infection risks by travellers, Feng Luzhao suggested that one should be prepared before traveling, travel near the wrong peak, try to avoid popular attractions or peak hours of attractions, and avoid carrying out some entertainment projects in confined spaces. If you are traveling, you should choose an area where there is no recent case report, and you must contact the scenic spot in advance to understand the local prevention and control policies, prepare as required, and also prepare some necessary masks and hand disinfectant items for use on the road.
Second, you must take good protection on the way. If you take public transportation such as airplanes or trains, you must abide by the order and the management requirements of the cabin crew. You must wear masks throughout the process.
Third, you must protect yourself during the trip, queue up in the scenic area in order to maintain interpersonal distance, maintain good hygiene, pay attention to cough etiquette, and do hand hygiene at any time. When you go out to stay, you should choose a hotel with good hygienic conditions. After you check in, you must open the window to ventilate. If you have fever, dry cough, or fatigue during the journey, you should go to the nearest medical institution.
In addition, Feng Luzhao mentioned that you should also pay attention to eating and drinking. When you take a transportation, try to reduce the number of meals. It is recommended to take out food in the scenic area. Keep a distance of more than one meter.


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