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How many samples can be played by custom backpack proofing?

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For most manufacturers, it usually only takes one or two samples for customer proofing, because the samples that are proofed are to be confirmed by the customer. If the customer feels that the place is not good, the manufacturer will modify it according to the customer's requirements. In order to avoid waste of manpower, material resources, cost, etc., the manufacturer will choose to play only one or two samples. If the sample is hit, the customer is not satisfied, it is a waste. The proofing process is more complicated. Among them, the design style, material selection, pattern making, sewing, etc. test the strength of the manufacturer. The luggage products produced by the backpack manufacturers with good proofing ability can be recognized and liked by customers, and how the proofing ability is. Directly reflect the professionalism of the backpack manufacturer, so, if you want to see how the strength of this manufacturer, let the manufacturers directly play the same is the most practical.


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