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Which brand of laptop bag is best?

Which brand of laptop bag is best?

For professionals, the portable briefcase/ laptop bag is one of the representative items of formal dress collocation. A portable briefcase with sufficient style not only complements the workplace dress, but also enhances the carrier’s personal temperament to a certain extent.

All major brands on the market sell portable briefcases. Each brand of portable briefcase has its own characteristics. It is almost impossible to find the best among many brands, because each brand has its own characteristics.

1. By material

There are many kinds of materials for briefcases. The texture and grade of briefcases made of different materials are different. Among them, the leather material has the most texture, and the texture of PU leather and cloth materials is slightly worse, but the price of leather briefcases It is also very high, and the daily maintenance requirements are relatively high, and the texture of the portable briefcase made of PU material and many cloth materials is also very good. You can choose the material you like according to your actual needs

2. By workmanship 

The quality of the workmanship is directly related to the quality of the briefcase. The good workmanship of the briefcase is very good whether it is stitched or the corners, etc., even if it is not a leather briefcase, good workmanship can add color to it. Value, and even if it’s a leather briefcase, it’s just empty talk if the workmanship is not good. Therefore, when buying a briefcase, you must pay attention to check whether the workmanship is exquisite, so as not to spend a big price to buy a bad bag. Up. 

3. By color 

The style of briefcase is relatively good, but its color, line, chain, etc. can be selected. A decent briefcase should be similar or the same as your own dress color, so that the overall match can complement each other. Therefore, when choosing official documents, color is also very important. Workplaces pay attention to maturity and stability. The color of briefcases must not be too fancy. Dark or light-colored briefcases are more suitable for daily collocation.

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