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Top10 backpack brand

Top10 backpack brand


Samsonite ----Beginning in the United States in 1910, the international famous luggage brand, a long-established brand in the field of travel goods, the black label Vintage series is the best of the brand.


Adidas---The world's top sporting goods manufacturer, with its reputation in football shoes, is marked by three parallel strips, and the clover series is its classic product.


Nike---Beginning in 1972, the United States, the global sportswear brand, the first air-cushion technology has brought a revolution to the sports world. The brand image of the knife-shaped hook is high, and its A-Gump and Air Max series are popular in the market. Classic


JanSport---Founded in 1967 in the United States, VF Group is a large-scale enterprise engaged in the design, production, sales and brand promotion of luggage. Its original college-style backpack has a good reputation in the industry.


FJALLRAVEN---Swedish high-end outdoor clothing and equipment brand, KANKEN backpack is a classic product, focusing on outdoor product development and production enterprises


Converse---Beginning in 1908, the famous American canvas shoes brand, its All Star launched in 1917 is popular all over the world and became the fashion classic of canvas shoes. It was acquired by Nike in 2003.


OIWAS---Founded in 1995, it is famous in the industry for its novel style and high quality luggage. It is a large modern luggage group integrating R&D, production, marketing and logistics.


Winpard---Established in 1988, Guangdong Province famous trademark, high-quality luggage provider, specializing in luggage R & D / design / production / marketing companies.


KipLing---Founded in 1987 in Belgium, the world famous leisure luggage brand, with a series of casual fashion bags / school bags / and luggage as the main products.


Carany---Started in 1996, a famous brand in Zhejiang Province, a famous brand product in Zhejiang Province, a group-type luggage company integrating design/production/sales

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