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School backpack custom fabric selection should pay attention to

1, the choice of custom-made fabrics for schoolbags must be environmentally friendly

The schoolbag is the existence of close contact with the students for a long time. If the custom-made schoolbag chooses inferior fabrics, it is likely to have an impact on the health of the students, and it will also cause the reputation of the school to be damaged. Therefore, when choosing the fabric of the schoolbag, it must be You should first check the fabric-related test report to see if the fabric meets the relevant environmental standards. If it does not, it must not be used. In addition, in the choice of custom-made bags, manufacturers must strictly control the choice of manufacturers, pay attention to its reputation, and must pay close attention to material selection, choose environmentally friendly materials to do school bags, to avoid manufacturers cut corners.

2, fabric selection to wear, high toughness

The bag is negative, and the requirements for fabric selection are relatively high. In addition, many students are not very caring for the bag. They usually fall and beat. If the bag fabric is not wearable, it will be easily damaged. It will take a long time to be eliminated. Therefore, When choosing the fabric of the bag, the fabric should be wear-resistant and strong in strength. When making the fabric, all the positions of the bag are made of jujube reinforcement, which can increase the service life of the bag.


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