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What’s size is more suitable for school backpack

The size of the school backpack is large or small. When parents buy paper bags for their children, they should pay attention to choosing the right size according to the age of the children, so as not to overburden the children’s burden, then the bag is purchased. How big is the size?

Regarding the size of the backpack, in addition to the height of the children, as well as the size of the textbook, the size of the bag is small, and the textbook must be placed. Therefore, when purchasing a bag, you can use the A4 size as a reference, A4. The height of the paper is 29.7cm, so the height of the bag can reach 30cm or more, and can be placed in A4 paper size textbooks. In general, the purchase of school bags can refer to the three stages of kindergarten, elementary school, and junior high school to select the corresponding size.

 1. Kindergarten applies 25-35cm school bag

 Kindergarten textbooks are rare and the height of children is generally not high. Therefore, the size of the applicable schoolbags is smaller. Most kindergarten schoolbags are used for three years. The height of children will change within three years. Therefore, the purchase of schoolbags At that time, you can use a compromised size, which will not make the children in the kindergarten feel that the schoolbag is too large, and will not make the big class children feel that the schoolbag is too small.

2, primary school applies 36-42cm school bag

 When entering primary school, the textbooks increase, the size of the schoolbags increases, and the height of the children begins to change significantly. At this time, the children can be given a larger schoolbag, but the primary school children are at a critical stage of growth and development, and the size of the schoolbag is also Should not be too large, so as not to bear the impact of excessive weight development, 36-42cm is a suitable size, suitable for primary school bags.

 3, junior high school applies 40-45cm school bag

 The height of the children in the middle and high school is basically stable, and the heavy work needs a large-capacity schoolbag. The size of the 40-45cm bag is not large for most junior high school students. It can accommodate the required materials and textbooks. Such a size is a choice for them.

 reminds parents: In the growing period, in order to reduce the pressure on the bag, the weight of the book should not exceed 15% of the child's weight, so as not to overburden and affect healthy growth. If there is any question about the purchase of the bag, please welcome send inquiry to us.


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