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Issues of attention for custom the tool bag

It is more difficult to customize the tool  bag/luggage than other Backpack. In order to get a satisfactory toolkit, all details should not be careless.

Tool bag customization is different from ordinary backpack customization. In order to better protect the instruments and equipment inside, the toolkit function settings are more suitable for the use of instruments and equipment. Before the toolkit customization, the customizer must understand the relevant precautions in advance. Clear, in order to inform the backpack manufacturer in time, and then the manufacturer can give a more complete toolkit customization plan according to the customization requirements. Below, I will tell you some points to pay attention to in the customization of the tool bag, let's learn about it together!

1. Provide manufacturers with the size parameters of instruments and equipment

In order to make the tool bag  better protect the instruments and equipment inside, the inside of the toolkit must be made with exclusive compartments according to different instruments and equipment, and plan the storage location of each item and the dimensions of the compartments, and the dimensions of the compartments fit together Only in order to ensure that the tools are firmly fixed in the tool bag, this is also to protect each tool to reduce friction or collision with each other, which is beneficial to protect the safety of the tools in the tool bag. Therefore, when customizing the toolkit, the customizing party should inform the manufacturer of the size of the instruments and equipment to be stored in the toolkit. If there is a real object, it is better to give the actual object or model to the manufacturer, so that the manufacturer can design the customized toolkit accordingly.

2. The choice of fabric material should not be careless Most tool bags are used in outdoor environments.

Long-term use in outdoor environments or other harsh environments will accelerate the wear and aging of tool kit materials. Therefore, in order to extend the service life of the tool kit and better protect the tools and equipment in the bag, When the bag is customized, the materials such as fabrics and accessories should be selected according to the use environment, load-bearing requirements, use requirements and other factors. The custom-made process also needs to be accompanied by exquisite workmanship. Both are indispensable. As long as all aspects are strictly controlled, a better quality and more durable instrument kit can be made.

3. Find professional manufacturers to customize

There is no doubt that only professional manufacturers can produce professional products. Most tool bags  are more difficult to customize than other types of bags. During the period, it involves toolkit style design, selection of fabrics, accessories and materials according to customization requirements, confirmation of physical samples, etc., all require manufacturers to have very deep customization experience. A satisfactory customized solution and a physical sample. Therefore, the customization of the tool kit must depend on whether the factory is professional or not. It is necessary to find a professional manufacturer for cooperation, and the strength of the factory can be reflected in the past customer customization cases of the factory. These require careful judgment and selection when looking for a factory.


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