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School backpack environmental protection can not be ignored

Every year before the start of the new school year, all kinds of bag customization is a very hot topic. school backpack manufacturers here are reminding you to customize the bag, the bag customization, in addition to focusing on custom price, style, material and so on, custom bag It is also not to be underestimated whether it meets the relevant testing standards and whether the customized schoolbag is healthy and environmentally friendly.

The schoolbag is a long-term contact for children. Its health and environmental protection is self-evident. The schoolbags made of inferior materials can cause children's allergies if they are used for a long time, and the children's physical health will be affected. Therefore, when customizing the bag, you must choose environmentally friendly materials for fabrics, printing and dyeing inks, etc. You must not choose cheap materials when you are cheap, and the principle of a penny is always there. The bag made of good materials is always available. The price will not be particularly low. For those very low-priced custom bags, customers will have a bottom in their choices. Is the bag made at such a low price really environmentally friendly? In case, just in case, it is recommended to ask the manufacturer. It is more reliable to issue a schoolbag test report. If the manufacturer cannot issue a test report on the relevant school bag, such a manufacturer should not choose it, so as not to customize the inferior school bag.


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