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Custom backpacks no minimum

Q: What if there are only a few dozen custom-made backpacks? Will the manufacturers take orders?

 A: Regarding the customization of backpacks, most manufacturers have the order quantity. If the number of customizations is only a few dozen, the number is really small, and many manufacturers have production lines. Therefore, if the number of customization is small, the manufacturer chooses not to take orders.

Every year, We choose some hot-selling styles to produce 1-3 non-LOGO spot backpacks. The spot backpack can support 1 order quantity. Customers can find what they like in the spot style, then laser laser on the blank hardware label and put on their own logo. After the spot style backpack is placed, the delivery can be completed in 3-10 days. The length of the spot is required, the brand effect is strong, and the cost is relatively low. Therefore, for customers with less customized quantity, the spot is A more cost-effective option.

Hixiwolves Backpack Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of backpacks in China with 8 years of production experience and accepts ODM and OEM.As backpack supplier  Hixiwolves with Professional design team, Free sample, multi-brand cooperation, Focus on the development and growth of every employee ,trustworthy, worthy of choice! Support backpack online custom backpack /wholesale , and  build a multi-faceted business platform with you.


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