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Backpack production process

Process 1: Fabric Testing

Before the production of bags, carry out the necessary physical and chemical tests on fabrics, accessories, sutures and other materials to ensure no harm to the human body.

Process 2: Cutting material

Unloading is the first process of bag production. It refers to the cutting of fabrics, linings, linings and other materials into various parts according to the requirements of the marking. The quality of the material directly affects the quality and cost of the products.

Process 3: Countertop Process
   The main contents of the countertop are chip cutting, edge trimming and gluing, gluing, and stitching. However, there is no fixed process for table top work, which is generally determined by the specific product process.
   1) Chip cutting refers to cutting the edge of each piece of product into a certain specification to avoid excessive thickness at the edge.

2) After the sheet has been cut, the edges of the web are usually decorated with dyed edges, hem, hem, trim, and crease.
3) The fabric and the box or lining are usually bonded together by means of an adhesive.

4) Sewing is the main process of the production of luggage products, and high-tech sewing personnel will shape the product.

Process 4: Finished product cleaning

After the products are processed in various steps, it is very likely to form stains during the production process, which requires special personnel to clean.

Process 5: Quality Control

Quality inspectors will carefully inspect each product to ensure that the product is of good quality.

Process 6: Packing and shipping

Carefully complete each production process, confirm that there is no quality problem, and finally deliver high quality products to customers.


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