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What are the characteristics of nylon fabric?

1, good wear resistance

 The abrasion resistance of nylon fabrics ranks first among all kinds of fabrics, which is many times higher than other fabrics of similar products, so the durability is excellent.

2, good ventilation 

The hygroscopicity of nylon fabrics is a good variety in synthetic fabrics, so bags made of nylon will be more comfortable and breathable.

3, good portability

 Nylon is a light fabric, and the weight of the backpack produced will be lighter than other fabrics, which is more conducive to travel.


4, good flexibility

 The elastic and elastic recovery of the nylon fabric is excellent, but it is easily deformed by external force, so the computer bag with nylon fabric needs special attention.

 5, poor heat resistance and light resistance

 Nylon fabrics have poor heat resistance and light resistance. Pay attention to the conditions of washing and maintenance during use to avoid damage to fabric fibers.

 There are many kinds of backpack fabrics. When you order backpack, you can choose according to the purpose of use, budget, style, etc.




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