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Backpack customization Why does the factory have a minimum order quantity requirement

When backpack manufacturers communicate with customers who have backpack customization needs,

the first thing the manufacturer asks is the customization requirements and customized quantity of the customization party. Some customers are unwilling to answer the customized quantity or wonder why the manufacturer should ask for the customized quantity first. If the quantity is small, the manufacturers won’t take orders?

China backpack factory

I would like to remind friends who have customized backpacks. At present, most backpack manufacturers have requirements for the minimum order quantity. If the customized quantity does not reach the minimum order quantity, the manufacturer really does. May choose not to take orders. Then why does the factory have a minimum order quantity requirement? You will know the answer after reading the following content.     At present, in the backpack customization industry, most backpack manufacturers have relevant regulations on MOQ. Manufacturers of different sizes have different specific MOQ requirements. However, the reason why backpack manufacturers want to set MOQ is mainly based on the following reasons :

1. Backpack customization, the impact of production costs     Backpack customization. Once the factory orders the order, a series of processes such as material procurement and mass production are indispensable. Even if only one backpack is made, material procurement, cutting, sewing, quality inspection, finished product packaging, etc. are produced. The process is one and must not be less. But in comparison, the manual production cost of a backpack factory customized to produce 1 backpack is completely different from that of 300 backpacks. The more customized the number, the better the backpack manufacturer's controllability of the backpack production cost, and the production cost will be better. Will reduce, the less the number of customizations, the higher the production cost, or even a loss. Backpack customization, the time and effort the factory should spend will not be reduced due to the small number of customizations, but the production efficiency and production cost can change due to the number of customizations. Therefore, due to cost considerations, manufacturers will have a minimum order quantity requirement.


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