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Backpack custom fabric introduction of flame retardant fabric

Flame-retardant fabric is a kind of functional fabric. It is not commonly used in custom backpacks such as business backpacks and computer backpacks. However, it is often used in the customization process of some functional backpacks, such as fire emergency kits, fire rescue kits, etc. Fire-retardant fabrics will be used in special backpacks such as fire-fighting kits

Flame-retardant fabric is also called fire-resistant fabric, but it is not a kind of fabric that cannot be burnt. Flame-retardant fabric refers to a cloth that can be automatically extinguished when leaving an open flame. It will burn when it meets a fire, and it will stop after the fire. The flame-retardant fabric is not easy to be ignited. Even if it is ignited, it can be automatically extinguished when leaving the open flame, which can prevent the spread of the flame.

According to different production methods, flame-retardant fabrics can be divided into finishing flame-retardant fabrics and intrinsic flame-retardant fabrics (permanent flame-retardant fabrics). Post-finished flame-retardant fabrics are post-processed flame-retardant fabrics. They are produced by coating and auxiliary treatment during dyeing and finishing. The flame-retardant effect will gradually weaken after washing, and it is generally used to produce things that are not often washed.


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