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About us

Shenzhen Hixiwolves Outdoor Products Factory is a professional  manufacturer of backpack bags luggage

Mission and Values

Let more customers use our products.

Help buyers save procurement costs, and you can buy better quality products at the same price!

Help wholesalers, retailers have more customers in the market!

A new product, let our customers have a new experience, make life more fun and easy!

Make business easy and fast! Mutual trust makes our cooperation go a long way!

Focus on anti-theft backpack, quality canvas with leather bag, nylon bag, Oxford material student bag and other products professional production and processing production, has a complete, scientific quality management system. Since the establishment of the production plant, many old employees have rich experience in design and production in the field of outdoor products, personal selection of materials, strict control, we adhere to the advantages of high quality service, comprehensive and thoughtful, excellent product quality, low price and other advantages in the market, in the product The design, packaging and quality have been continuously improved, satisfying a large number of customers, and the products are sold overseas. For the domestic network platform (Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, etc.), the first-line brand OEM, from design, ordering, pattern-making, one-stop service, convenient transportation, beautiful environment, welcome to visit and sample

Sample roomBackpack sample room

processing or customized service! Cooperation hotline: 18431270291


Contact Us

Contact: Hixiwolves

Phone: +86-15930482552

Tel: Whatsapp: +86-15930482552

Add: Baigou Town,Baoding City, HeBei province.China

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